Is this tumblr dead?

No! :-$-

The last question posed to Hugh Laurie after his wonderful speech in Trinity College Dublin today


Your partnership with Stephen Fry has been so fruitful, beginning in Cambridge and going all the way to starring in a sketch show together - is it true that you two never actually “got together”?


Cue riotous laughter and a long, thoughtful pause from Hugh. 

Will you accept “no” as an answer!?

Such a good sport, that Hugh. Great speech too - quoted W.B. Yeats, spoke about how he tries to be less cynical each day, answered questions on university, American culture (he called Jon Stewart one of the greatest living Americans!), modern comedy, musical theatre, his body of work, music…..lovely, lovely man. Guh. scurries off to youtube to watch all of the ABOFAL

Glorious glorious blog! <3

cheers :3

Fry and Laurie are incredible! And absolutely charming,adorable. I have fallen in love with them from the minute I saw them.Thanks for this blog,dedicated to them and oh,please,carry on! x

thanks :)


Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie in ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’  (x)


The man is a national treasure. He’s a national treasure and he’s a personal treasure too. I share him with the nation.” -Hugh Laurie [on Stephen Fry]